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Ağayev Rahib Veli    “Universal Holding” LLC is created in 28.11.2007. the capital sum of Holding’s regulations is 1 020 00 manats. “Universal Holding” LLC is created by the “Perviz ICF” LLC (“Perviz” Industrial Commerce Firm) which is created in 1998 and “Azer Repair Building Mounting” LLC which is created in 2006.
   The president of “Universal Holding” group of companies is Rahib Agayev. In the period of its activity “Universal Holding” LLC is realized big projects like: capital repairing of heating, water and sewer lines, installing, supplying and repairing electric equipment, repairing of air lines.
    Along with such projects “Universal Holding” LLC also realized building-mounting, designing of objects and supplying and purchasing of equipments and materials. Holding is supplied with modern equipment of advanced world producers and the quality of fulfillment of projects stays on the first place.
   İnternational standart certificate (İSO9001:2000)

   The Guidance appeal:

   The aim of “Universal Holding” group of companies is to play an important role in the increasing country’s development of economy, nation’s welfare level, introducing our nation high quality goods and services which put contentment of client on first plan and is to be one of the leaders company.

                                Rahib Agayev The president “Universal Holding” group of companies


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